Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Redaksi Mejeng"

In 3th November ago, editorial staff in my office GADIS magazine took some photo shoot for celebrate our magazine birthday. The theme of photo shoot is 80's style, and this is me with my friend in behind the scene of the photoshoot "Redaksi Mejeng" :D

What i wear : Floral top - blue skirt - bow flat shoes

Another PICNIK

Addicted to PICNIKing (again) :D

Always say : "Ganbatte!" :)

Vintage girl :p

Me with my BF for his birthday gift
Enjoy your weekend,guys! :D

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Oooo,I'm so addicted to picnik we can edit some picture with anythings (basic edit with coloring, touch up, picture with frame, etc). This site it's so fun! You must try it guys... :D

This is my result for PICNIKing . The lomo-ish effect plus polaroid frame..not bad! :p
Visit PICNIK here
Have a nice weekend! ^^

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Senior Wedding

This is the photo me with my old friends in my senior wedding reception on October, 9th :)
Happy wedding dear Teh Anggi..hope you get a great life everyday...

Sorry for bad quality :( *piss*

Happy weekend All!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rain & Cold

It's rainy and so cold today..I always love rain,and also miss it when I'm going back to Jakarta. Sleep tight everybody,have a nice dream. :)

"On the night like this
There's so many things I want to tell you
On the night like this
There's so many things I want to show you

Cause when you're around

I feel safe and warm
Cause when you're around
I can fall in love every day

In the case like this

There are a thousand good reasons
I want you to stay..."

(Mocca - On The Night Like This)


Saturday, September 24, 2011


It's Saturday again! yippie..and the weather is sooo hot in here. And I can't stop eating ice cream :D
anyway, I'm so happy because I'm gonna go hang out with my besties in this afternoon...woohooo! *wink*

what I wear : lace blazer / black top / khaki short pants / vintage shoes
Have a nice day ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Wedding

September 18, 2011 is my junior high school friend's wedding day. Me & my boyfriend came to her wedding reception in Wisma Endie, Bogor.

What I wear : My Mom's blouse & black purse / black pants / brown sandals

Happy Sunday!!! :D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another Family Trip

Today I'm so happy because me with my family went to Aldepos Salaca, Cinangneng, Bogor, West Java Indonesia. It's about an hour from my home to go there ^^
Aldepos Salaca is a beautiful place to relaxing and refreshing. The nature is sooo beautiful :) Me so excited to try a Flying Fox. hahaha.. *because is my first time* :p see my action when I try a Flying Fox and of course the beautiful nature...

Me with my cousin Rangga and my sister in law Kak Laura : "We ready for Flying Fox!"

see my expression! XD

speachless :P
it called "Saung"
the flying fox's line
You can also visit Aldepos Salaca :)
Thank you^^

My Asian Favorite Models

I always love Asian models, especially Japanese models...and they are is my inspiration ;)

Kiko Mizuhara for NYLON Japan

Tao Okamoto for VOGUE China


Finally Saturday

Morning! I love I will spend my Saturday night with my big family...Yeaaah! :D
Have a nice weekend...*smooch*

Friday, September 16, 2011

Denim Fever

This is my another denim look for this nice Friday :) by the way, my camera is sooo old school! The images can be blur or little bit darker. Grrrr.. but,please enjoy it! ;)

What I wear : My brother's denim jacket / plain T-shirt / denim pants / black socks / brown sandals
xoxo ^^

Thank God It's Friday

Hello,today is Friday! I always love Friday, because is time to wearing DENIM! Denim is sooo cool! :D
and this is my denim look. Hope you like it..Thanks :)

What I wear : floral top / denim skirt / wood bangles / black socks / brown sandals
Happy weekend, All! Sorry for the little dark photos :( but I really hope you always heart it ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Holiday 2011/09/03

In September 3, 2011 me went to Ciwidey, Bandung, Indonesia. The weather is very clean and fresh. I love Kawah Putih, Ciwidey.. ;)

Enjoy your day, Everybody :*

Random Picts

This is my random photos with my 'K-Pop' partner in crime, Fanny..hihihihi

Fanny & Me :)

Wait for my another selca,hihihihi :P

Color Blast

My friend, Intan..gave me this ROXY 'salmon' dress :) I love the color, thank you...

What I wear : Polkadots black T's / ROXY Salmon dress / My Mom purse / pink socks / nude flats


Hang Out

Yesterday, me went to hang out with my best happy can meet them again :)

what I wear : denim jackets / black maxi dress / floral vintage bag / brown sandals


Lovely September!

September 8th is my birthday..i celebrated my birthday party with my boyfriend in Pasta De Waraku, Grand Indonesia..we ordered Earthquake Hanito. It's very delicious. Happy 24th! :D

Me and my Hanito ;)

 Earthquake Hanito..Yummie!

 "It's so delicioussss.."

My Boyfriend :*

This all photos was taken from my Blackberry. Sorry, for the blur images.. :p

Roly Poly

I love K-Pop so much..hehe, and this look is inspired by Korean girl band T-ARA in their MV 'Roly Poly'. So vintage and really like it! :)

what i wear : pink headpiece / DIY cropped blue T's / vintage denim skirt / pink socks / brown sandals

Okay, Happy Weekend everybody! Have a nice day...*kisskiss*

First Post

Hi, there!
This is my first post in my new old blog is not active again.
and I hope you really like my blog...:)

Thank You,